Monday, September 29, 2014

The Return

It's been almost two years since I wrote on this blog, a really challenging two years I won't detail here.  I've been thinking for a while I should start this again, as a way to save for the boys moments about their growing up.  So, I'm going to try and post something every couple weeks.  I've also tried to decide if I should write it 'to them,' or just talk about stuff we've been doing.  Just see how it goes I guess.  

To catch up, we're living in Aledo, have been for a little over a year.  Luke is in second grade, Nathan in first, and Eli preK 4.  The boys have been in school for about five weeks, and things are going pretty well.  Nathan (Nate at school) has been getting notes written in his folder each day, talked during a test, spent 15  minutes in the bathroom, late for class, and on and on.  There have been consequences.  Not fun.  As a teacher, I try not to be 'that parent,' but I have wondered, are these notes the total offense? or are the notes one specific in a day filled with warnings?  I knew there would be difficulties sending him to school as one of the youngest in his class.  There were with Luke, too.  But, I think over time it will be fine.  Nathan is so smart; he'll work it out.  

I've tried to update their pics on the side of this blog, but so far blogger is not cooperating.  

One reason it took me so long to write in this blog again is I felt like I needed a 'secret blog' to actually write all the stuff I was feeling.  Finally realized I could still keep up with the boys' doings, without exposing my guts.

So this is boy stuff.

Eli's playing soccer.  I haven't been able to go to a game yet, with work, but I hope to this weekend, and I hope to get some pictures.

Nathan will start flag football in November.  I think it'll be right up his ally.

Luke wants to try gymnastics.  I've signed him up to start next week.

I hope one day one of them will discover cross country.  I think they'd be good at it.

Luke has lost four teeth.  Funny to me he's losing them in the same order they came in when he was a baby.  Makes sense I guess.  Once recently the tooth fairy forgot.  I had to do the ole let's look under the bed for the $, OH HERE IT IS!  Mom found it.  

Eli said PENIS really loudly in McDonald's yesterday.  Nathan was shocked and repeated it even louder.  Proud moment.

The 'new' neighborhood is good.  So many kids their age to play with.  Can be a little much at times.  The boys want to be outside all the time.  Which means I'm outside a lot too.  Which is good.  I'd rather them be out running around than spending too much ipad time.  Funny how they don't watch that much tv anymore.  It's all ipad or outside.  

I need to get the most recent pics off my phone.  I'll have to see if I can upload them from my phone to this blog.

Papaw moved to Aledo this past spring.  He's picking the big boys up every day from school.  Yay Papaw!

One post down.  Hope I can keep this up.