Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fun at Home

Sunday, Jeff was mowing and Nathan was fascinated. After a long time watching, Daddy finally stopped to say hi.

Trucks, Trucks, Trucks...

The boys love trucks, all trucks, even things that only look like trucks...

Pictures From Our Visit to MS

Some fun with Aunt Leanne...

At Home Before Nathan's Dedication

Just playing around before Nathan's dedication...

Nathan's Dedication

Again, these were taken with the video camera and are not that great.

Visit with Mimi

I took these pictures with the new video camera and found out that it does not take great still pictures. Here they are anyway!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Checking In

The last few weeks have been busy. First, Luke went to see Mimi in Tulsa for a few days. Wednesday, Nathan and I joined him and stayed for the remainder of the week. We returned home Friday and then Saturday night was Nathan’s baby dedication. The following Monday Nathan, Luke and I headed to MS to visit my dad, grandmother and sister. I was also able to visit with my great friend Sheila. We had a lot of fun and I think we are all still recovering. This week has been normal so far with work and school for the boys. Unfortunately, Luke is back to crying when I dropped him off at school. Hopefully, it is just because he is still tired from the busy weeks. We will lay low for the remainder of this week and try to rest!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Big Day

Last night, for the first time, Luke and Nathan took a bath together. I had not put them in the tub together before now because I was not sure Nathan would be able to defend himself. :) But, they both did great and really it is a lot easier to put them in together. Before, when I would bathe Nathan, I spent half the time trying to keep Luke from jumping in too!

Here is a picture of the fun.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Slide Show

There were too many pictures of Papaw's visit for the previous post. So, I created a slide show. I hope you don't mind I posted all these Papaw! :)


Since I last checked in, a few things have happened. First, my dad (Papaw) came into town from Mississippi for a visit. We had a great time even though we did not do much. We just hung out at home and played with the boys. We did get to see David, Stacey, Kyle and Kristin on Thursday night. It was nice to see them. Even though they live in McKinney, it seems like I hardly see them!

Friday, Jeff sold his truck. He's been trying to sell it for some time now and finally was able to make an acceptable deal. The people who bought the truck were nice and will probably give it a good home. However, poor little truck will probably wish it was deaf after it spends much time with the wife. She's a talker!

Big news for Nathan: He is officially a crawler! The day after he turned 8 months (Friday) he began to crawl. While he won't be setting any land speed records, it is great to see him scooting about.

I'll post some pictures below. Hope you all have a great week!
Having fun with dad.

Sweet Luke!

OK, the first place he crawled-to the electronics. Big surprise.

So proud of himself!