Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nathan's Birthday!

June 26th was Nathan's actual birthday. As we did with Luke, we had a little family party for him at home. Here he is soon after waking on his birthday. Nathan is always the first one up at our house (usually around 5:30-6:00) so there was no way to get a picture of him still in bed. This is part of his typical routine, get up, get some milk and read his favorite books.

Big brother got up a little while later and joined him in the chair (pardon the texture repair in the background, it's waiting for paint).
Sweet birthday boy!

Blowing out the candles.

Nathan's new love, Lightening McQueen.

Big brother finally talked Nathan in to letting him help open.

So what's Nathan like at 3 years old? He has an easy smile with the most incredible dimples. He is sometimes very mischievous. He is all boy and has started to say "that's for girls" to all things pink and purple. He's very solid and likes to play rough. He adores his Daddy and has a fascination with driving Daddy's truck one day and wearing a belt one day like Daddy and wearing his sunglasses on his shirt like Daddy and on and on. He thinks toots and burps are funny but still says excuse me, even if you can hardly hear it through the giggles. Has taken lately to singing silly songs, mostly about poop. He attempts most any song and can turn even my most terrible day happy with a little "spaghetti song." He still loves books. I try so hard not to get irritated at him when he gets me up at 5:30 or 6:00 every morning. If I get him some chocolate milk and a stack of books, he will entertain himself for a while, at least long enough for me to get a shower. He squeezes my heart when he asks so sweetly, will you play with me Mommy? Or, how about you read to me? Oh time, stand still! We have not started potty training, even though he wears pull-ups and will go in the potty if he's in the mood. He can ride his bike now but sometimes I end up pulling it home. He loves his cowboy boots and often becomes fireman or policeman or guitar man with them and a few accessories. All things Cars, especially Tow Mater, excite him now. The only show he will sit all the way through is Scooby Doo, all the while telling me "it's too scary." He can be shy around new people. He loves his brothers, even if sometimes it's love/hate. He's found a fellow wrestler in Eli and I see lots of matches in our future. He says the most amazing things sometimes. I can understand him and most of the time, other people can too. The last thing I'll write about Nathan is a conversation we had a couple of weeks ago. Nathan: What's that man doing? Me: Watering his flowers. Nathan: Why? Me: Well, they are thirsty. Nathan: But they don't have any mouths. You are so smart my wonderful Nathan! I love you so so much!

Boy Stats

Tuesday, Nathan and Luke went for their 3 and 4 year old check-ups. Here are their stats:


Weight: 38.2 lbs (75%)

Height: 41 3/4 inches (88%)


Weight: 32.4 lbs (50%)

Height: 37 1/2 inches (50%)

It was not a bad visit, although at one point Luke did pick up his shoes and run down the hall laughing. That was right after the comedy show that was me trying to get both of them to give a "sample." At that moment I was thankful they are boys and had something to aim at the little cup. Fun times!

May/June 2011

As I was getting the pictures together for Nathan's actual birthday post, I came across some pictures from June and the end of May. Some of these have made their way to Facebook but, for the sake of the blogbook, I wanted to put them here too.

This one was so funny because Luke had gotten this "pail" of water and was calling himself Jack. So, of course I asked him if Nathan was Jill. Nathan responded with NO! I'm Jack too. So, here are the two Jacks with their pail of water (sounds a little too progressive, HA).

One Saturday before it got too hot, the boys and I went on a picnic at a nearby park. It was also an effort to stay out of Jeff's way as he dismantled our bathrooms.
Ice cream on the last day of school. Grumpy, grumpy boys. Was not the happy treat I had hoped.

Eli was there too.

Luke's sweet teacher gave him blue was a huge mess but loved by all little boys blue.

50% of my favorites.

Nathan, hard at work, early on a Saturday.

We break for Scooby Doo and not much else. Sorry for the creepy eyes.

Such a good picture of life at our house.

Shopping with his "Mimi money" (birthday money).

Swimming with Papaw. Papaw stayed at the La Quinta when he came out for the boys' party. Now every time we pass a hotel, Nathan asks, is Papaw there?

Eli, chillin' in the shade.

Nathan, loving his new chair from Grammy and Papa.

Happy Times!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Slip and Slide!

The boys got so many fun gifts for their birthday! Here are a few from last Saturday when we got out the Slip and Slide for the first time! It was a hit and has worn a happy groove in our yard.

So funny to watch them play! The craziest thing is that Eli loves the slide the best! He can't get enough of the spray in his face. Thanks Papaw!

Birthday, Part 2

So, if you read the previous post, you know we had the boys' birthday party together this year. I decided on The Little Gym and the boys approved. My very good friend Jennifer had her daughter, Brynn's, 2nd birthday party there a few years ago. I thought it was so fun for Luke that I always kept the place in the back of my mind for the boys' party. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon when we headed to The Little Gym with all of our loot! It's the kind of place where you show up and the party people do all the work (for a price). After having all the boys' parties at our house for the past three years, I can say the money was worth it and I'm sure it was more fun for the kids.

Nathan's cake: Cars! I took the boys to Market Street to pick out their cakes from the book of cakes. I thought they would be really excited about picking out their own cakes but it was really more like keeping them contained while I picked the cakes. I think there were too many choices. Next time I'll show them three or four pictures on the internet and let them choose that way. One of my favorite memories as a kid is going to pick out my birthday cake. I guess there were not as many choices in the '80's. Pink flowers or red flowers or yellow flowers...but I loved it!
And Luke's cake: Thomas! I had to supply the toppings for the cake because they had discontinued this Thomas kit. Luke has had the same Thomas cake for the past 3 years so maybe it's time for a change anyway!

The gym.

The party kids, starting the festivities.

Fun activities and free play, too!

Cake time!

The kids were WORN OUT from the 45 minutes of gym time. They all sat still for cake and ice cream and juice.

The party was a lot of fun! I wish we had more pictures of the party goers. Most of the shots were action shots because all the kids were running around having a great time! Thanks to everyone who came to the party. The only thing that was a little unusual was that there was no time to open gifts. So, we took them all home and the boys opened them. It was strange (to me and Jeff, the boys did not notice of course) not opening the gifts in front of the givers. Besides that, the party was just about perfect!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday, Part 1

Once, Jeff's Mom described the first child as sort of like the first pancake. Try as you might, sometimes things just don't turn out. Because Luke and Nathan are a little less than 13 months apart, their birthday celebrations had become two hot (temperature, I mean) parties at our house, about 3 weeks apart. So, this year we decided to try something different and have two, small, family parties at our house on the actual birth-day, and one party at a fun place for both boys, all the cousins and a friend or two. I would say overall, it was a good idea. The hardest part was having Luke's small party at home on the 29th. He did not understand why no one was there to celebrate his birthday. He kept asking, where are Mimi and Grammy and Papa and Kyle and Kristin...? I think it put a little damper on his excitement that day. But later, when we had the big party (next post), he seemed to understand a little more and really had a great time. But first, here he is on the actual birthday! For some reason he has started waking up during the night and getting in bed with Jeff (I usually give him my spot and move to the couch. I can't sleep with an alligator).

Waking up:

Birthday boy and big little brother:
Helping make his birthday breakfast:

For the first time I told Luke about his baby book. He was very interested and wanted to look at it closely. Of course, Nathan had to have his too.

After church we had lunch at Luke's favorite place, the enchilada place (O'Jeda's to everyone else).

Birthday boy and Daddy:

I would like to pretend we had a great lunch but really it was not that great. By the time we get out of church, Eli and Nathan are so tired that eating out is something we avoid now days. In the past we would eat out almost every Sunday but as Eli has gotten older, it's gotten harder and harder to do, after church anyway. Eventually, Nathan and Eli and I had to go and wait in the Jeep while Luke and Jeff finished eating and paid the bill. This too shall pass and then I'm sure I'll be sorry to see it go.
At home (after naps) with the mini-Thomas cake and cupcakes. Too bad the cake is leaning. It did wait to fall until we cut it.

Everyone enjoying the new track and trains:

It was not a perfect day but it was a very special day because it was the day we celebrated the birth of my wonderful Luke. When I think of Luke I think of an independent little boy who, with each month, seems to grow and mature and change. He is passionate and outgoing and knows his mind. He is eager to help and is growing more loving and kind each day. One special memory I have of Luke recently is going through the car wash. Last Friday after school I took the boys with me to get the Jeep washed. It was the drive through kind and on our way Luke kept reminding me that Eli does not like the car wash. So, as we went through the car wash and as Eli became afraid, Luke would comfort him with "It's OK Eli, I'm right here" and patted Eli on the leg. Finally he put his hand on Eli and leaned over into Eli's seat. That's just the kind of thing he would have never done last year but that comes so easily now. What an exciting four years it's been Luke. I've learned so much and often watch in awe at how you change and grow. I know I make mistakes but no one will ever try harder or love you more, my first little pancake.