Friday, November 4, 2011

Pumpkins and Papaw

We had a visit from Papaw a couple of weeks ago! Being around on a Saturday means soccer duty. Because I work each Saturday, Jeff is left with the task of getting all three boys to the game. He does a great job. Fortunately, Grammy is available and willing to spend her Saturday mornings at the soccer field helping our sweet Daddy. On this particular Saturday, Papaw was visiting and Grammy and Papa were able to be there too! Luke is getting better now and hardly ever runs off the field crying :) He's even scored a couple of goals.

Big #29.

Papa, on Eli duty :)

Nathan, chillin'

Grammy and Papaw

Later that day we headed out to carve the pumpkins. Nathan, playing a little baseball with Papaw. Maybe I'll get a lefty yet!

Serious planning.

Doing his own thing.

Digging out the guts.

The disgusting bubba teeth (thanks Daddy).

The finished products! Great job Daddy and Luke!

Papaw and the boys.

Love having that third lap around.

Thanks for the visit Papaw! We love you.

Where to Begin?

Ugg! Where to begin? I've gotten so far behind again. I've had to start taking baby steps in getting this blog up to date and keeping it there. It's gotten to where I rarely have a couple of hours to sit and work on a post so I've started breaking it into pieces. Last week I organized the pictures from the last couple of months and finally today, I can get one post done. But, I don't have long. I've got to pick up the boys from school and run get a birthday present for Nathan's teacher (only one day late). Oh, and technically today is a work day for me. Work? That pile is so high, what's another lost hour? I want to do this blog, keep a record of this time in our lives. It will be great reading when I'm old and gray and on the treadmill. I've started doing some running at Liberty Rec center and have found the hot spot for retirees!

So, here we go! A few weeks ago we made it to the Pumpkin Farm in Celina. It's our usual place and was fun again. We had to squeeze it in after work late one Saturday afternoon. It was warmer than usual but we also went earlier than we usually do. Luke was determined to carve a pumpkin this year (so cute!) so we just had to get some. Usually we wait until after Halloween to go because it's cheaper, not crowded and they give away the pumpkins (usually, like we've been doing this such a LONG time! the last three years anyway). I was excited for Eli to go because EVERY time we pass the farm at Parker and Custer (which we do at least twice a day) he exclaims about the cows! cows! moo! moo! It was neat to watch him get so excited about all the animals.

On the way.

Nathan, always seeing about Eli.

Say cheese! I got what I asked for.

Could not get them away from the tractor. Nathan has been asking me to ride a tractor and I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how I could get him access to a tractor. For now, I guess this will have to do. Maybe when we move we'll have a big yard and can get a riding mower.

On the way home. This is SO Nathan.

Life is good!