Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Life

So, other than the previous post, what's been going on in Wilson World this summer? The biggest thing we've been dealing with has been Luke and his aversion to his "old school." When he started in June things seemed fine. I did not hear anything unusual from him or anyone else. Then, the last week of June I was able to work from home and pick the boys up everyday. That's when the problems started (or at least when I first learned of them). I came to get the boys about 5:30 one day and Luke was sitting by the door crying and it was obvious he had been crying a while. So, long story short, since then it's been a real challenge to get Luke to go to school each morning (crying, feeling sick...). He cried each day, mostly when some kids left at 2 and he has to stay late (T/W/TH). We worked out this idea with the school to let him go to Nathan's class at 2 and that has helped and my mom and Jeff's mom have been able to pick him up at 2 sometimes. There are only three days of school remaining after today and I won't be sad to see it end. It's been a miserable way to spend $1,800 each month. So very thankful for the "new school" we'll return to on August 29.

For several reasons but probably most definitely due to the problems with the change in school this summer, we've decided to stay here one more year. It's been really hard having to deal with Luke's unhappiness at school. We had the option of letting him go to MS with my mom for the remaining two weeks but I was concerned with the signal that might give him. I want him to learn to tough things out and deal with them, instead of giving him an out. Maybe that was the right decision. So, we'll stay here and let him finish his preschool years at HG, where he was really happy last year. Leaving a happy child at school makes all the difference. So, I just realized the irony in what I've written. Wanting him to tough it out but putting off moving to make him happy? Oh well, we'll put the house on the market in March or April and look for something further west.

Work has been hard this summer mostly due to my inexperience with the topics and the pace of the courses. But, it's starting to slow down and will end next week. The UNT class will still be in progress but it's not hard to handle. The good news is that starting in the fall, my courses will finally begin to repeat. So, instead of new course development, I'll be able to update/improve courses I've already taught. Plus, just having that year of experience will help a lot. I can already see how much I have grown and changed and learned over the last year. It's been a good experience and overall, I like TXWes.

That's about it really. A tough summer but God has been faithful, reminding me that He cares and is the source of insight and wisdom. For a long time I would get caught up in putting my problems in perspective with others' problems, people who had "real" problems and feeling like I should get over it that my life is fine. And, it IS fine and in the big scheme of things my problems, compared to the rest of the world, are small. But, God showed me that to Him, all problems are the same and comparing my problems to "big" problems other people have is just a way to be tricked into not taking my problems to Him. So, I'm over that, big or small, my problems are His problems. July is ending and the summer soon after! Here's to heading into August with hope and joy, not to mention a trip to Destin!

The Last Month or So

I've gotten behind on my blogging these last few weeks. This post is a random group of pictures, be warned! Probably only mom, dad and g-parents will care!

In the backyard.

Eli, falling asleep during lunch.

Opening his birthday mail from Mimi.

This is so funny if you know a certain uncle who used to do the same thing.

My Eli.

One day after school we went by Taco Bell and sat in the Jeep to eat it. It was fun to watch Luke enjoy turning up the radio really loud and feeling like a big boy in the front seat.

4th of July pictures. I did not take many but hopefully I can get some more from my sis.

Funny set of pics. Me trying to get a picture of my Mom with L and N. This is just a few of the many attempts.

Me, my Mom and Sister in all our undone glory.

Backyard pool time.

We have ONE doll in our house. Here she is getting a little love from Nathan.

In May we planted some seeds the boys' teachers gave them. Here is Nathan with the fruits of his (Jeff's) labor.

I am in silly love with this baby.

Love that blonde hair.

Everyone is swinging!

Forgot to turn the flash off. Nathan dresses up a lot. This is one of his favorite people. He makes me call him Mr. Fireman.

Lunch with Daddy.

Popsicles all around.