Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Fun

This is just a little video of some fun we were having on New Year's Eve. The giant grey mountain Nathan is playing behind at the end is my 8th month belly (AKA Eli).

New Year's Eve

We had a great New Year's Eve. We took the boys to Northpark Mall for the train exhibition. Both boys loved the trains! It was really neat to see them running around to the different exhibits, checking everything out. Luke especially loved to see Thomas and James! Afterward, we went out to eat at Tin Star. Luke is transitioning from a high chair to sitting in the booth with us. It's really amazing to see him changing from a baby, into a little boy. Of course, once again, I did not bring the camera. So, when we got home and got ready for bed, I was sure to get out the camera for some New Year's Eve pictures!
My little Ham!
Stopped almost long enough for a picture!
Settling down with Daddy.
Got one with Luke (it was not easy!).
Nathan was much more agreeable!
Not great, but they are in the same frame, at least!

A Treat

Jeff does not usually get home until after 6:30 so last night we were excited to see him drive up at 5:30. It was great to have him home and the boys took full advantage!
These are from earlier in the day. Nathan loves to have his picture taken, can you tell?


Wow, it's been quite a while since I last posted. A lot has happened over the last couple of months. We've been busy so I guess that is why I have not posted. We've had holidays, visits from family and even a few short trips. Unfortunately, for most of it, I did not get out the camera. I do have a few random pictures I will share.
Our house, after the Christmas Eve snow.
Playing on Christmas Day.
With Papaw during his December visit.
Just a cute one of Nathan.
2009 Picture with Santa (Nathan stopped screaming long enough to get this one).