Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Big Day

Yesterday was Nathan's first birthday. I was able to spend all day with him and Luke. Here are a few pictures from Nathan's big day.
A Happy Meal for lunch...
Nathan's first ride in a forward facing car seat...
Happy Boy after a breakfast of blueberry waffles! You can also see that Nathan finally has a couple of teeth. I was beginning to wonder if he would have any teeth to eat his birthday cake with!
I wish I could express what a sweet baby Nathan has been this year. He is absolutely the cuddle-er between him and Luke. Last night Nathan had some trouble going to sleep. It was really a blessing because I was able to hold him, just the two of us, and he cuddled close and fell asleep. It was a great way to end our first year together.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just a Minute

Wow, you walk in the next room to put away some towels and this is what you come back too.
What's the big deal Mom? I'm just reading a book!

It's a long way down!

The New Bike

For Luke's birthday, Jeff and I got him a tricycle.
He was a little excited (and so was Nathan).
Nathan loves to get on the "bicle" so Luke just takes whatever seat is left.

Lazy Friday

The boys having a Friday afternoon snack.
Hmmm, I finished all my snack. Your snack looks pretty good Luke.
I'm not above eating what you dropped! A Goldfish is a Goldfish!

Luke's payback. I'll have some of that fruit, little brother.

Summer Days

These are a few pictures of some fun the boys were having at home.
OK Mom, enough with the pictures!
Luke loves his hat (even when he wakes up grumpy from a nap).

What, my head is not that big. Just because this is my big brother's hat and it is a size 4-6 years does not mean I have a big head. I blame my Daddy.

Luke loves to play with Jeff's hat.


Thanks everyone for coming to Luke's birthday party! This is Luke saying Thank You!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The New Pool

We sure had fun in the whale pool Grammy and Papa gave Luke for his birthday! Everything went well (except for Luke nearly biting Nathan's finger off). Please excuse the pink swim diapers, they were free. Here are some pictures of the fun. Sorry they are not better pictures. Moving targets are hard to capture!

At Least

Today we headed outside to play in the pool Grammy and Papa gave Luke for his birthday (It was a lot of fun! Thanks Grammy and Papa.). Of course the first thing Luke went for, once we finally made it outside, was Sandi's water bowl. The order of events is as follows: 1. Luke sits down by Sandi's bowl. 2. He asks me "Pray"? 3. Unassumingly I said, "Yes, let's pray"! 4. Next, to my horror, Luke takes a BIG drink of Sandi's water. At least he prayed first, right?


Nathan finally has enough hair to officially have Bed-Head!

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Twins' Big Day

The day after Luke's birthday party, the twins (Kyle and Kristin) had their birthday party. Kyle and Kristin's birthday is May 31, just two days after Luke's. They turned 4 this year! I did not get many pictures of their party since I was busy following Luke around or seeing about Nathan. I'm so thankful my Mom and Dad were able to be at both Luke's party and Kyle and Kristin's party. It was a great weekend!

Now that's a party!
Luke stayed in this pool the entire time. We had to drag him out!

Nathan, after cake and ice cream. Happy, happy boy!Cutie pie Kristin!

Luke's Birthday

Friday was Luke's second birthday. It was a busy but fun day. We had family and friends over for pizza and cake. Jeff was out of town all week so thankfully my Mom was able to come and stay with us to help with the boys and help me get things ready for the party. We had a great week! Thanks Mimi!

The birthday boy trying not to wake up.

Now he's awake!

Birthday lunch, M&M's for dessert!

So excited about the Thomas cake!

Love that Thomas, or "Mas" as Luke says.

I mean now, Mister!

Playing with birthday toys.

Just a cute one of Nathan!

He loves his choo-choos!

Life Before Kids

While I was looking for some pictures to post, I came across this picture of me and Jeff. It was taken on our honeymoon. It's hard to believe that was only 3 1/2 years ago, so much has changed! We look so well rested!