Sunday, May 23, 2010


Our boys are incredibly blessed to have four amazing grandparents. We could never thank them all enough for all they do for the boys (and us). Here are a couple of priceless pictures from the party Saturday.
Luke and Papa
Eli and Grammy

Early Birthday

Saturday, we had an early birthday party for Luke. His birthday is not until May 29 but we celebrated with family and friends yesterday.
My sweet Luke! It's hard to believe he's already three and even harder to believe that this time three years ago, we were childless!
Here he is in post-party pajamas, relaxing with a new Thomas book.
Nathan, still a little wound up from the festivities.
So many people in my backyard!
Can't forget little Eli! He was a trooper and, after much help from Grammy, finally gave in and went to sleep (about 30 minutes before the party was over!).

Three Months

Surprise! I'm three months old today!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sweet Eli

The time Eli and I have to play on the floor together is limited. The big boys are still getting used to having him around and aren't always happy with Mom giving too much attention to this new person. So, Eli spends a lot of time out of reach of little hands (and feet and mouths). But, today we had some time alone together! This little onesie is the first thing my Dad bought for Luke, before he was born. It's been great to watch all three boys have the chance to wear it. It makes me kind of sad to see that Eli is about to outgrow it!

New Battery!

Yippie! I finally got a new battery for my camera! I'm so excited to get to take pictures of the great birthday present my Mom and Dad got for the boys. It was a joint gift from both parents to both Luke and Nathan for their birthdays. I am so thankful and very excited for the boys to have it to play on for years to come!
The Masterpiece! Jeff and my Dad put it together last weekend. It took all day Saturday and 1/2 of Sunday to get it completed.
Here are some pictures of the boys enjoying the new "playground."

I don't know what's going on with Luke and this new side smile.
The sandbox is still well loved.

After...Nathan threw a big shovel of sand onto Luke.
Fun times!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Almost There

Big sigh…almost. Tomorrow Eli and I will head to Denton to turn my dissertation in to the Graduate School. It’s a big day and the end of a long journey. Monday, I had my dissertation defense meeting and passed. It was amazing to have it completed but I do not really feel finished until I hand my paper to the graduate reader. That wonderful event will take place tomorrow, about 10:30 AM :)

In June, I will have been in TX 10 years. When I moved here in 2000 to continue my education, I had no idea it would take so long! Right after I graduated from college in December of 1997, I started working and also started working on a masters degree. I taught for two years in MS while finishing my masters degree and then started looking for a school with a great early childhood doctoral program. The two schools I settled on were the University of Alabama at Birmingham and UNT. A professor from UNT called and encouraged me to come to UNT and enter their Ed.D. program in early childhood education. I’ll never forget coming to TX with my Mom to visit. As she will tell you, I usually make good decisions, it just usually takes me a while! So, I went back home to Hattiesburg and finished the school year, the whole while wondering if I would have the nerve to really move to TX by myself and begin the EdD program. I came to McKinney in June to interview for a teaching position and was hired that day. The pressure was on! I remember that before I mailed my teaching contract back to McKinney, I went to Destin with my Dad. I walked and walked trying to decide what to do. Finally, I walked to a mailbox and dropped the contract in. Then, a really neat thing happened. It just so happened (thanks God) that my brother, David, and his wife moved to McKinney from Tulsa. So, I would not be as alone as I thought!

I started the program slowly since I was paying out of state tuition for the first year. I also began teaching in McKinney which turned out to be a really awesome experience. I taught in McKinney for six years , worked at UNT for 3 and stayed home Luke’s first year. My best friends to this day are from my years at Glen Oaks!

Even though I started out in early childhood education, in 2002 I had my first statistics course, fell in love and ended up changing my major to educational research (PhD). I was able to keep early childhood as my minor.

The past 10 years have really flown by. So much has happened…my brother, Chuck, died, I got married, and now, have three wonderful (well mostly wonderful!) little boys. I am such a different person than when I arrived in TX.

Most of all, I am so incredibly thankful to all of my family and friends who have supported me all these MANY years! No one ever commented on how long it was taking me (to my face anyway, haha). Everyone was always just so supportive and encouraging. This entire long winded post was really just to say THANKS!!!! The best thing about taking 10 years to finish a degree??? I am finishing with NO student loans!

I love you all!