Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Now, that's OOC, not to be confused with the OC, OCD or especially, OPP. It's Out Of Commission. Our computer has been in the shop for a week now so my computer usage has been limited to work and my new phone that has Internet but that I am still learning how to keep my sausage fingers from taking me to the wrong places. So, sweet sister, that's why I have not updated in so long! But, our sweet (sarcastic) Dell should be fixed today so maybe I can post some new pictures soon. One lesson I learned while carrying my CPU across campus in the heat to the Help Desk (thankful for the FREE Help Desk, regardless) is that my next computer will be a lap top (and not a Dell)! More to come...hopefully!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mr. Independent

It's official, my Eli is an independent sitter! A wobbly sitter who topples over, but a sitter still! I'm sure Eli is the most glad to make it to the world of the sitters. I can't imagine what it must be like to be on the floor, looking up and seeing all manner of Luke, Nathan and various objects flying overhead. And, now that he's a sitter, Eli is even more like a real person to the big boys. Luke is paying more attention than ever to Eli (and not all bad attention). He especially likes to make Eli laugh. It's a joy to watch.
This weekend we did not do too much. I worked Saturday and Jeff kept the boys. After nap time we just hung around the house. Sunday, we went to church and after church we stopped by our usual place to eat. Now, before we even ask Luke what he wants to eat after church on Sunday, he tells us he wants an enchilada. So, we all traipse into OJeda's and sit in our usual booth. It's a great tradition! We love our ruts around the Wilson house.
Here are a few pictures of the boys on Saturday. So, Jeff's dad said he thought this Boppy was a hemorrhoid pillow. I just had to take a picture when Jeff was using it for a pillow. I asked him what that made him...:) He did not appreciate my humor.

Nathan's new thing. I still can't figure out that this means but it's cute.
The big boys brought their toys over to play on Eli's blanket.

After spending Monday at home with the boys, another week has begun. Today went well and the boys still seem to like school. No tears at drop off!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


First, I want to say thanks to everyone who contributed to the pity party I was having on the last post. I took your sweet comments to heart and I appreciate them very much. I'm sure I gave the impression that life is horrible and I'm miserable. That's not the case, really. In fact, I was listening to Joyce Meyer last night and she commented on this scripture:

I Thessalonians 5: 16-18 (Amplified)
Be happy (in your faith) and rejoice and be glad hearted continually (always); Be unceasing in prayer (praying persevering); Thank (God) in everything (no matter what the circumstance may be, be thankful and give thanks), for this is the will of God for you (who are) in Christ Jesus (the Revealer and Mediator of that will).

So, I had already been thinking that my last post was really not great because generally I am a very level headed person and very thankful and aware of all the ways in which I am blessed continually by God. I know very well that things can always get worse (and often do) and I try not to take any good thing for granted. After seeing this scripture last night, I knew I should not have been so negative. So, to try and counterbalance my last post, here are some things for which I am so very thankful:)

1. My 3 wonderful and healthy boys! I keep finding myself on these terribly sad blogs about children with the most awful issues. I'm so thankful my boys are healthy. What a gift!
2. A supportive and loving husband.
3. A family that loves me.
4. Godly women in my life from the beginning who have set amazing examples for me to follow and from which to learn.
5. Being born in a country where I can serve the God of my choice.
6. Being born into circumstances where I have had the opportunity to have and achieve any goals I have set for myself.
7. Having all the resources I need to be able to find and fulfill the plan God has for me and my life.
The list could go on and on!

On another note, we had a great weekend. I did not have to teach Saturday so I was able to spend three full days with the boys. Monday, Jeff and I took them to get their 3, 2 and 6 month pictures. I don't have the picture CD yet but here is a proof of one picture. Never mind the words on their faces! After the pictures, we went to the mall and had lunch and rode the train. It was fun, even with three tired boys!

Oh, and here is a side note: Because of the bad weather, I am able to work from home today instead of driving to FW. That means I can pick the boys up early! I am so blessed!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

...when September ends.

So, I think it’s safe to say that prior to this week, I had been lulled into a false sense of security. For the previous two weeks, my Mom and sister and Jan had all worked hard and kept the boys while I went to work. My Mom was here the first week and my sister and Jan split the second week. Although I was a little sad each day to leave the boys, I felt like I would be able to handle it. Well, when the boys’ school started this past week and all my wonderful help had gone home, I got a real taste of what it will be like. I can’t even begin to express how hard it was to leave the boys at school each day, knowing I would not see them until 6 PM or not at all. I would say that it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I guess leaving them for the last two years was not as bad because, even though it was for a long day and I did not see them even at night, it was only for two days a week and I knew I would get to be with them the entire next day. This is such a different thing. So, I have all the right things floating around in my head, like, this is the best thing for our future, being on a University schedule I will have a lot of time off that other parents don’t get, they need to be around other kids, if I was not working I’m sure I would want to be, I’m being silly, so many people would love to have my schedule, and on and on. It’s not that all that is not true, it’s just it did not help last week. I am pretty good at handling stress but last week, several times I really felt like my head might pop off. So, I guess I wanted to put that all out here so that one day the boys can see how much I love them and how hard it was for me to make this decision to start leaving them. I really would not do this if I did not think that, in the long run, it will work out best for us.

Aside from all my misery, the boys seem to really like school this year. Luke did cry some when I dropped him off but I can tell he had a good time at school. I especially like that both big boys have Bible verses for the week and today, when Luke hurt his foot, he asked me to pray for it! I have done that some at home with him but I just know that must have come from school. I love the thought of the boys learning about Jesus each day.

My work is going fine. I’m learning a lot and learning how much I have to learn! I’m still excited about Texas Wesleyan and still think it’s a great place to be. Sometimes I can’t believe I get paid to read and learn and teach.

Finally, Jeff’s birthday was Friday. We went over to his parents’ house and swam, ate pizza and had Jeff’s choice: red velvet cake. It was a lot of fun and a great way to end a stressful week. We even managed to get a picture of all five of us. We’re not all smiling but no one is crying and we are all looking mostly in the same direction! Happy Times!