Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon the boys and I were playing at home, trying to stay out of Jeff's way while he worked on the guest bathroom. This is some of the fun we were having. Maybe one day we will get a video camera so I can stop creating these "silent movies."

Friday, February 20, 2009

More Pictures

I kept trying to get the text to appear above the pictures in the last post. I never did get it just right. Oh well, here are some more pictures from this week.

They are starting to play together, a little.

Nathan is trying so hard to crawl!

Just having fun.

Not Much

Well, it's as I suspected, there is just not that much going on in our lives. It has been a rather uneventful week. Last weekend was nice. Saturday Jeff and I had a lovely Valentine lunch and then went shopping for a very romantic bathroom sink. At least it was not a toilet, right? Toilets we don't need, we have three in the garage. I am actually really glad we were able to get a sink. Jeff is getting our guest bathroom finished. :) The rest of the week has been as usual, work and school for the boys. We are all ready to enjoy another weekend together.

Here are a few cute pictures from the week.

Luke, with his Valentine from Mimi. Thanks Mimi!

After carrying a piece around for 15 minutes, this is what I did when Mom wrestled it from my hot little hand!

I love mine too Mimi!

I also love my bib and Valentine from Grammy!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Great day!

Today was a great day. Nothing in particular happened, we just had a great day. Everyone woke up happy, took good naps and laughed all the way through our errands. The three of us had a really fun, basically boring, day! Of course it may have something to do with the fact I had coffee for breakfast, Starbucks mid morning, a Coke Zero for lunch...hmm, no wonder today was so nice.

Today was also Papaw's birthday. Happy Birthday Papaw!

Jeff and I often comment how blessed we are to have boys that sleep well. They both go to bed a little after 8:00 PM and sleep until 7:30 AM. Right before Christmas they started sleeping in the same room and it has been great. I think going to school has helped them both be more tolerant of noise. Tonight, Luke even headed to his bed by himself when Jeff said, "are you ready for night night?" So, now it is 9:00 PM and all the toys are picked up, the dishes are done and it's time to relax! I'll let you know how things go once they are able to get out of bed by themselves...

Below are pictures of the boys enjoying Grammy's Yummy Valentine Brownie! It was almost short lived because yesterday I caught Luke just in time, pulling the entire brownie off the counter. I would've had three sad Wilson boys on my hands! Let's be honest, we would have eaten it anyway.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Playing at Home

Well, another week has gone by. It's funny that I feel like my weeks go from Wednesday to Wednesday. When I come home from work Tuesday night and hang up the boys' school bags, I always think, wow, they don't have to go back until Monday. Then, the next thing I know it is Sunday night and I am taking the bags down to pack for Monday. Time really flies since the boys came along. I suspect it will only accelerate as they grow.

Below is a little group of pictures I took last week. We were playing in the boys' room and it was such a typical day and wonderful example of how things go around here, I wanted to share. Take special note of who is laughing the entire time.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I know that mostly Luke looks like Jeff but sometimes, in certain pictures, it takes my breath away how much he looks like my brother, Chuck. Here is an example.

Playing Outside

I just wanted to share a couple of pictures from an afternoon we spent time playing in the backyard. Luke is even getting to where he does not eat that much sidewalk chalk. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Checking In

Well, it's been a pretty uneventful week for the Wilson family. The boys and I finished out the week together and then we all enjoyed a quiet weekend at home. Thankfully, Jeff does not have to work weekends anymore so we get a lot of quality time together, as a family. Thursday Nathan had his six month checkup with Uncle Jim and, of course, got a good report :) He had to get three shots but only cried for a minute thanks to the distractions provided by big brother. Luke did really well at the appointment and sat (mostly) nicely in the stroller the entire time. Afterward, we took the long way home so they both could nap a little and Mom could have some quiet time. We (mostly me) do love our car rides! Saturday we had Nathan's six month pictures taken (even though he is really seven months). He did well even though he was not as smiley as usual. Monday and Tuesday I worked and the boys went to school. They both had good days. I was especially happy because for the first time since October, Luke did not cry when I dropped him off. Tuesday he even smiled when he saw his room, which is a big change from previously when he would run the other way! So, today we are back home, in our routine. Wednesday is usually a good nap day because they are both so worn out from Monday and Tuesday.

Here are some pictures from this past Sunday. The boys are all ready for church, waiting for Mom and Dad, and having fun harassing each other. Well, mostly Luke harassing Nathan.