Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Luke and Nathan, especially Luke, really began to get Christmas this year. I give a lot of that credit to the boys' school. Not only did the school spend time on Christmas activities, they spent time teaching the boys what Christmas is really about. It's obvious the boys talked a lot at school about Christmas being Jesus' birthday and all the parts of the Nativity. Everything came home with a Bible verse on it and the teachers even gave the boys' books about the Christmas story. So, all I had to do was reinforce that at home. It was so neat to hear Nathan not only exclaim about "Santa Claus!" when we would pass one, but he also shouted out "Baby Jesus!" every time we passed a Nativity. This post is really picture heavy so sorry. Because I'm getting pictures off my camera and phone, the pictures are out of order too. And, I did not get pictures of everything we did. Sometimes, three little boys get the best of me and the last thing I am thinking about is getting pictures! One last thing I want to record, today when we were taking down all the Christmas decorations, Luke wanted to know what we were doing. So Jeff and I explained to him that Christmas is over etc.. Oh my goodness! He was so disappointed that Christmas was over and that we had to wait a long time for it to come again! He had just gotten used to asking me "Mama, what do you want Santa to bring you?" Love that sweet boy!
The boys and I went to Tulsa for the week of Christmas and came home Christmas Eve. This is a picture with Santa, outside, in the freezing cold! It was fun! Kristin, Nathan, Eli, Luke and Kyle.
So much fun at Mimi's! A Popsicle a day, right?
Back home, Christmas morning carnage.
Thomas set from Mimi trumps bike on a cold day!
Eli with his new train.
Getting ready for a performance.
At the Northpark train exhibit with Papaw.

Nathan thought it was OK but Luke was in love.
Says it all.
Back in Tulsa, at the Children's Museum.

Ever sweet Eli, taking it all in.
Nathan's shopping.
Me taking a picture of Uncle David and Mimi taking a picture.
Could not get Nathan away from the doctor's office exhibit.
Salon exhibit. Nathan kept calling this one "Daddy!" HA!
Me and Eli, after some pizza.
My Mom and sister :)
Mimi entertaining the troops.
Eli sits so still for me and smiles so much, I always have cute pictures of him :)

Lunch on Christmas Eve, Nathan hit his limit.
Eli, after his first Christmas dinner!
Me and my sweet sister!
Mimi and the boys!

Back at home, Santa loot!
Christmas morning.

Chocolate face, gun loving fun with Daddy!

Love this face!
Freezing cold and my feet don't touch the pedals! Who cares?!

My little fireman!
Move over Hanson, here come the Wilson boys!

Random December

Just some pictures from December that I wanted to put in the blog. Below is the chain of events when Mom got the camera to try and capture all three boys on the couch together. Believe it or not, when I went to get the camera, they were all sitting quietly together (a rare occurrence so that's why I headed for the camera).

A sweet moment for me: watching them all play together (peacefully).

10 Months!

On December 23rd, my sweet baby turned 10 months old! Here he is on the big day with my sister, his Aunt Leanne. On Christmas Day Eli started to crawl! I am excited for him to enter this phase! He also got his first tooth today, bottom right. He's a big drooler so it's great he now has something to show for it. Eli is really "talking" now and I can hear some of the same inflections the older boys use, in his sounds. He can wave bye-bye on command but also waves bye-bye if I ask for Mama or Dada! It must all sound the same to him :) I know I've said it a million times but Eli is an amazing baby and an incredible joy to have with us. I really can't imagine what I did without him!

Preschool Christmas Fun

One Saturday before Christmas the boys' school had a preschool Christmas morning. So, for about 2 hours they had Christmas crafts and music set up geared especially for preschoolers.
Mr. Tambourine Man enjoying some Christmas music.
Surprised Luke in mid song :)
Sweet Eli too!
Luke and Nathan LOVED the puppets!
Very sweet 5th grade boy took a lot of time with Luke after the puppet show.
Pure joy!
So, I have to include some more details, to laugh about later. Part of the activities included five or six big plywood scenes of the Nativity, you know the kind you can stick your head through and you look like a wise man or shepherd or camel? The plan was to get our pictures taken and then leave. Not quite what happened. Nathan decided to check out the back of one of the scenes and knocked it over, causing a domino effect on three or four of the scenes. Luckily, no one got hurt. The entire place went silent and all eyes came to rest on our sweet family. Let's just say we did not wait for our pictures. Fun times!

Luke's Program

This year the boys began attending the preschool at Hunter's Glen Baptist Church. It was hard to make the change from the Methodist church where they had gone to school for the last two years but it's turned out to be really wonderful. They are learning so much and so much about the Bible too. I could not be happier. One thing the teachers did with Luke this year is have a Christmas program. The three and four year old children all sang 4 or 5 Christmas songs. It was so cute! I wondered how Luke would do because whenever I would try to get him to practice with the CD as the teachers requested, he refused and told me that the music was for school! Luke really did a wonderful job. He sang (sometimes very loudly!) and did many of the motions. I was so proud of course and so thankful he is in a place where he can learn and grow and is really valued. We got great video of the performance but not many pictures and certainly not any good pictures. But, since I won't post the video, I wanted to get something in the blog about it.
Waiting for the program to start.
The beautiful sanctuary.
Terrible picture but there he is, on the front row.

So very proud of you Luke Wilson!