Monday, January 31, 2011

Sweet Randomness

No theme or special happening with this post. Just some random things to record. I keep having these conversations with the boys that I want to remember but then seldom do. But, I just had one with Nathan and I'll write it here before I forget. I was taking him to get changed before nap time and he saw something and said, Hey! It's baby Jesus! I said wow, that's neat, I missed it (a common response for me since half the time I don't know what he is talking about). He said, can I touch it? Since I had no idea where the baby Jesus sighting came from I said, no, but one day when you are older you can ask Jesus to come and live in your heart, right here, and touched his chest. That was exciting because that set off a stream of, then Jesus can eat dinner with me, Jesus can go potty with me, Jesus can play with me. I agreed! It was neat and I'm glad I did not miss it.
We've had some great weather lately. Here we are in late January playing in the backyard.

Now here is something I would not have done with the other two...letting my 11 month old crawl around in the backyard. This one will have the strongest immune system known to man.

Watching a little Calliou. I can tell it's Monday in this picture because Luke is wearing his Monday Thomas shirt. He LOVES this shirt but it's stretched out, stained and too big. So, I strategically put it out on Mondays (when we stay home) so he will wear it. Then, when he wants to wear it to school, I can say, oh no, sorry honey but it's dirty! Manipulation, a seldom advertised but necessary skill of motherhood.
Mmmmm, Pop Tarts for breakfast.
Nathan wanted to help me cook dinner last night. Here he is on his step (there is a constant battle to keep the step in the bathroom, those couple of inches open up a whole new world of reach).
Mmmm, our dinner seems to mysteriously have a bite taken out of every piece?!
So the rest of this post could be filled with my ramblings about my swirling thoughts about what the next year will bring. I'm starting to interview for the permanent position at Texas Wesleyan. I'm pretty sure I'll get it but nothing will be final until probably the end of March. Then there is the question of when to move and where. I am ready to move because the drive is not fun and shortens my time to work which makes things all around hard. But, then I'm not ready to move and move the boys from their school, significantly lengthen Jeff's commute to the point where he could not pick up the boys (from their as yet unknown new school) which would cause problems with my job and, I keep praying that everything will work out according to the right timing. And, that Jeff will get the right new job at the right time. Then there is the search for balance among my time at work, the boys, workout time (what's that? my flab says), and most importantly, time to pray about all this change. These are not complaints by any means, all these things are good and I spend many moments watching three little blond heads thinking how blessed I am. We just have some stuff to work out. These are precious moments and I appreciate each one, especially ones like right now when they are all asleep!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

11 Months!

Happy Eleven Months Eli! They have certainly been happy for me. Here you are on the big day, slobbery shirt and all! It won't be long now until you are 1. I love you sweet boy!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


So, my three sons, what did we do today on this wonderfully regular Saturday?? Well first Nathan (aka Early Bird), you got up at 6:00AM. Luckily my alarm was about to go off anyway. Unluckily for your Dad, he had to get up and see about you while I got ready for work. By the time I left for work at 7:15, you and Luke were both up, on the couch, drinking some chocolate milk and watching Caillou (a terribly annoying show that I have grown to love because it gives me a few minutes of quiet time). Eli, you did not get up until 8:00 AM. Eli, this is a nice change because for about 3 weeks now you have been getting up at 5 or 5:30 (that's AM!), having a bottle and going back to sleep. This has not been all bad though. It's actually kind of nice (except for the not enough sleep for Mom thing) because it gives me a few minutes alone with you. And, the time alone with you is very sweet. We cuddle in your rocker, under a blanket and you soon go back to sleep. I have this little fantasy that we get back in my bed and sleep away the morning! But, it's not to be :) Early Bird is usually up looking for me just about the time I get you back to sleep. But, back to our day. After class I worked in my office for a while. About 12 PM I called Daddy to see what you all were doing. Luke, apparently you told Daddy you wanted to "eat at the Mexican food table place, quesadillas." So, your very brave Daddy was taking you in to Taco Delight when I called. He told me that twice during lunch you needed to go potty so he had to load all three of you up and head into the restroom, while hoping no one would throw your food away! He said you four were quite the entertainment for the restaurant! After lunch you went for a ride and hopefully a nap. You all ended up in Keller, which is near my work. So, I met you there about 3:30 PM and we drove around looking at houses. Luke, you are too funny when you say, "is this our house?" and we say no so you say "well I want to go HOME!" You are not much for house hunting :) It was late by the time we got home. You and Nathan were a little nutty and took a while to settle down before bed. Eli, you were the first to go down. Like usual you drank a bottle, rocked a little, cuddled with me and were soon asleep. When I came out of Eli's room, Luke, you and Nathan were giving Daddy a hard time about going to bed. So, because Daddy had taken such great care of you today, I gave him the night off and put you in bed myself! I got so tickled at you Luke because you were cuddled in your bed on your Thomas sheets, under your Thomas blanket and hugging your new Thomas train. Then, you wanted your head covered with the blanket so that just your face was sticking out. It was such a cute sight I won't soon forget! Nathan, you were a wiggle worm tonight, getting up twice before finally settling down. Of course if Luke wants his head covered, so do you! You had big puppy dog on one side, little puppy dog on the other and your head covered with your blanket so all I could see was your face. I could not help but laugh and this did not help you settle down! So, so cute! Thanks for the great day boys!
I love you so very much!

I'm going to boycott this camera on my phone. It's so handy but it takes terrible pictures if the subject is moving at all and my subjects are always moving! I have a phone full of blurry pictures.

First time having corn on the cob. Loved it!

Small Fry
Out for a ride. This is the best method we've found so far for bike rides. I guess I can start running again when Luke starts going faster and stops pushing his bike for half the ride.
Everyday Nathan tells me that Eli wants to sit in his lap. So, I put Eli in his lap and sometimes he actually stays. Here is Nathan reading (the Bible no less) to Eli.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Other Side

OK, so we do have another side to our family :) We got to spend time with Jeff's family too during Christmas! Unfortunately, these were the times I was thinking too much about the boys to remember the camera. I guess I worry more about the boys acting like nuts in front of Jeff's family than I do my own :) Getting together with the Wilson and Watkins families is always a lot of fun. You can be sure there will be a lot of food and a lot of laughs. This is a family that really and truly enjoys being together and it shows! Thankfully, Uncle Brian sent us some pictures!
Christmas Day with Papa and Grammy!
Luke and Nathan with cousin Ashley

Opening presents at the Watkins' Christmas
Some of the Watkins girl cousins and me
These are all the grandkids of three of the Watkins siblings (second cousins I guess?). The group gets bigger every year!
So thankful the boys were born into such a wonderful family!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year

Sometime during the past year I found a website that allows you to make a book out of a blog. It's been my intention since that time to get a book made, at the end of the year, of our blog. I started this blog in January of 2009. I remember the day very well. I was working in the lab at UNT and we were really slow so I decided to start a blog. I think my intention at first was to provide information about the boys to my family members that live out of town and don't get to see the boys as much as they would like. I think my intention for the blog was a little different back then and I certainly thought too much about what other people thought about what I was writing. I'm not much of a writer. Most of the writing I do is academic and I'm much more comfortable with that kind of writing. Even as a kid, when I would write a diary or keep a journal and go back and read it some time later, I would feel like a huge dork. I still feel that way. But luckily, as this blog has continued, the focus has changed. It's no longer geared for anyone but the boys. I love to share what we are doing with the five people that read this blog but my focus is much more, what would I want the boys to know, when they get older, about this time in their lives? Of course, this assumes that they will care one day about what they were like when they were little! In the meantime, I'm sure I will enjoy reading it as they grow and become annoying teenagers and I can look back and remember when life was simple and I thought it was so hard.

So, what I want to do here, and the point of the above rambling introduction, is provide the boys with a little information regarding what they were like at this point in time.

Luke: 3 years, 7 months
Luke Wilson, from the time you were born you were different from other children. Almost nothing that works for other kids, works for you. You are strong willed (code for stubborn) and independent. You developed physically by the book and started talking later than most (at least talking we could understand). You are very, very sensitive and affected very much by change. I have to admit that I see a lot of myself in you and it makes it easier for me to work with you. I understand your need to be independent and free from control by others. But, you also have an intense desire to please and be loved but it's sometimes hidden by your independence. You are so smart Luke and have begun to ask me "why" all the time! I love it and look forward to telling you all you want to know. You have matured so much Luke, this year. I can't even believe how much you have changed in the past year. You are developing and learning and growing so fast. I can't wait to spend another year with you.

Nathan: 2 years, 6 months
My sweet Nathan. When you were a tiny baby I would lay on the floor beside you, face to face, and just get this feeling that you were very smart. You have not disappointed me. I have always been amazed at what you understand, how you can follow directions and now, how many words you know (and I can understand more of them every day!). You have the most wonderful, easy smile with dimples that may get you into trouble later. Although you are two now and all that comes with being two, you are cooperative and easy going. You are solidly built and very much a rough and tumble little boy. You are my wrestler and take down Luke every chance you get (Daddy says you will be the football player). You have been telling me you want to be a fireman and I have been encouraging that! But, whatever you become, I know you will be amazing! You make my heart smile Nathan.

Eli: 10 months
10 months with you Eli. They have been good and very full months. You have been, hands down, the easiest and most wonderful baby. You eat well, sleep well and since you could sit up, you have spent hours and hours playing happily on the floor. I am so blessed to have you and have really needed you to be so sweet (your brothers can be a little high maintenance sometimes)! Over the last couple of weeks you have really begun to develop quickly. You have begun to crawl and even have your first tooth. You "talk" and "talk" so much now. I love to hear your sweet voice. A very precious memory of you is when I rock you to sleep. Even though you began to fall asleep on your own early on, I don't get to see you as much as I would like so, at night, I rock you to sleep. As you are falling asleep, you make these noises, I guess to soothe yourself. They are so precious Eli and something I don't think I will ever forget. You're getting bigger now and I'm realizing how fast time is flying. Forgive me if I try to hold on to my baby too much!

OK boys, that's all.
Your loving dorky mother.