Monday, September 21, 2009


A few weeks ago we got doughnuts for the boys for breakfast. It was their first official doughnut breakfast!
Chocolate covered, of course, with chocolate milk!

Go Rangers!

Thanks to tickets from Grammy and Papa, we were able to take Luke and Nathan to their first Rangers game! The boys did great, lasting until the 8th inning. Luke's favorite part was the music (he entertained people around him with his great dancing)! Thanks Grammy and Papa, we had a wonderful time!
I had to put this one in because if you have ever wondered where Luke's "monkey smile" came from, here is Jeff modeling it!
See what I mean? Monkey smile! and Daddy looking so innocent!
With Papa and Grammy! It's hard to get two wiggle worms to sit for a picture. Poor people in front of us were so tired of getting bumped from behind, I am sure!
What a fun night!