Wednesday, April 25, 2012


For Easter this year we stayed in Plano, went to church (I had nursery duty) and then headed over to the Wilson's.  I neglected to take any pictures of our family but thankfully, Brian took one of the whole group (minus Uncle Jake).  It was a fun day even though Nathan was in a terrible mood and had an accident on his Easter pants, before the picture of course.  Luke and Nathan really enjoyed Easter egg hunting this year and we had a lot of fun filling the plastic eggs together.  It's amazing to me the difference between 3 and 4 years old.  Two and 3 seemed much more similar than 3and 4, at least for my boys.  Good company, good food and looking forward to future years when the boys really understand why we celebrate Easter.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Here are some pictures from March and early April.  Nothing big, just life in Wilson world.
On my birthday we drove around Keller and looked at houses.  We had already put our house on the market and had to get out of town so the "lookers" (as Luke called them) could view the house.  Here the boys are in the truck, waiting for Daddy to visit with a friend.

 Early during spring break Eli and Nathan stayed with Grammy while Luke and I had some time together.  Here we are at McDonald's.
 Eli, having a bunny cookie while on spring break at Papaw's.
 Looked over one evening and saw this friend watching me.
 Luke's picture of Uncle Jake, drawn for show and tell one day ('U' day).
 Playing outside together.

 Nathan is starting to write his name!
 Nathan as 'David' for Bible Day at school.  So sorry I did not get one of Luke.  He went as Joseph, the carpenter, complete with tools!
 Still amazed at how much time three boys can spend in one sand box.
 Nathan and his Light Sabres.
 I just had to take this picture.  We were getting gas and I was talking to the boys through the window.  One minute they were laughing and laughing, it was a wonderful sound.  Before I could get the camera, this happened.  Eli hates it when the wind blows his hair, Nathan had swatted him and Luke was not interested in having his picture taken.  At least this picture reminds me of the precious moment that preceded the craziness!
Happy times!  I am so blessed!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My favorite time of day (night).
Nathan and Eli bumped heads. The bump already started to appear on Eli's head :( But, a little UmiZoomie later, both were recovering.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Before I forget...

This morning about 7:30 Luke was running in circles in the family room. I told him stop and the following conversation ensued:
Me: Luke, stop running around.
Luke: continues to run.
Me: Luke, stop running in the house.
Luke: But I need to get in good shape.
Me: You are in shape Luke. You run around on the playground and outside.
Luke: But I'm in square shape and I need to be in circle shape.
Me: Speechless.
Luke: continues to run.

Happy Birthday Eli!

Eli's birthday was February 23rd. It was a Thursday so I had to work and Jeff was on little boy duty. But, we managed to get a little celebrating in before school that day. This is the birthday boy, waking up on his second birthday!

Thursday night after school/work Jeff and the boys had a little Thomas cake with Eli, along with their customary Thursday "Happy Meal Night." Meantime, I was having a little pity party for myself in class that night, wanting to be home with my boys, celebrating Eli's birthday. Lately I've been amazed at myself and how I can take the most wonderful blessing from God, take it for granted and manage to make myself unhappy, in spite of all my blessings. I'm trying to do better and live more thankfully. Anyway, the following Saturday we had a family party for Eli. Many of his cousins and grandparents came to the party. We played, had cake and ice cream and played some more. Here are the big boys, ready for the par-tay!
Eli is a huge Thomas fan so a Thomas cake it was! It was delicious!

Our sweet family :)
The birthday boy!
A quick picture of the little cake the boys had on Eli's actual birthday.
So what's Eli like at two years old? I love to write about the boys on their birthdays but I always feel intimidated by the task. I never feel confident in my ability to adequately describe the birthday boy, at that point in time. Regardless, here's my best attempt. Eli is still a wonderful boy. He's still so very sweet, even in the midst of a two year old moment. He's picked up some attitude, mostly from copying his big brothers. He has Nathan's "NOTHING" down pat and never ceases to make me giggle when he says very forcefully, "NO THANK YOU!!!" not realizing he's actually being polite when he's trying to assert himself. He loves loves trains and could play with them all day. He loves to watch UmiZoomie, Thomas, Dora, Mike the Knight and Calliou (uhh, I think we may be watching too much TV). He was in the 75% for height and 10% for weight at his last checkup. I find myself letting him eat all kinds of things, just to get him to eat something. He loves white doughnuts, Nutragrain cereal bars and fruit snacks more than anything else. I have yet to find a single vegetable he'll eat (and I try daily). He'll eat some fruits, like strawberries, occasionally bananas and pineapples and apples. He talks so much and amazes me with new words and phrases daily. He wants to know the names of things and tries to say the words too. I love to watch him run, the stiff leg is almost gone and he is transitioning into a full little boy run. He still loves books and cries each night when we finish reading and I turn off the light. Some nights after we read and start to rock, we'll sing a little Jesus Loves Me. In his sweet little voice he does his best to sing with me. It's absolutely the sweetest thing I've ever heard. You are such a gift Eli and each day I love you more. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting Started

I've gotten so far behind on this blog but I don't want to let it go. In an effort to catch up, this post will be very picture heavy! I think most of these pictures are from January and February.
One day in January we headed to FW to ride the train. The boys loved it!
My sweet Eli. This was before he realized he could get the hat off.
Nathan, taking it in.There was a train parked, not in use, and the boys enjoyed climbing all over it.

Headed to school on community helper day. Home time with Marvin the Monkey (VIP special treat and highly desirable among 4 year olds).

One afternoon outside. Nathan with the ever present cowboy boots.

Nathan, being Nathan.
New Years Eve, with my boys and some Chick-fil-A. It's been so long I can't even remember why we were by ourselves on NYE.
A visit from Mimi!
Wacky Day at school. They were learning about 'W.'
Tired on a Friday afternoon.
Luke's mantra on days we get to stay home is, I want to wear pajamas all day! So, while the little boys napped, he played Thomas games on the computer.
Nathan, wanting to drive Daddy's truck. He even put the seatbelt on.
Close up of a lip boo boo. This is why I am so disappointed I got behind on this blog. Now I can't even remember what happened. It happened at school but no other details come to mind.
Cuddling early one morning.
My sweet baby Eli. I could kiss him all day.
Daddy and Luke and the greatly loved 'enchilada place,' after church one day.

Stars Game. Jeff and I got to go one day in February. It was a lot of fun and was even snowing when we walked to the truck afterward.
I took this picture because it's the first unprompted word Luke wrote (that I know of). I came in and he asked if that's how you spell Mimi. Of course I raved over it, I was so proud!
My little sweetie playing trains one morning before school.
More to come!